Remove and reset jQuery token input drop down values through ajax

If you have a requirement for reloading the token input drop down values, you can remove the token input by


and add token input to the selector by

                {id: 7, name: "Ruby"},
                {id: 41, name: "C"},
                {id: 43, name: "C++"},
                {id: 47, name: "Java"}
            ], {
      propertyToSearch: "name",
      theme: "facebook",
      preventDuplicates: true});

Twitter bootstrap typeahead difficult to add custom entries


If you are not familiar with twitter bootstrap typeahead please take a look at

While I am using twitter bootstrap, I found it is difficult to add the custom entries.

1 .When we add a entry and clicking on Enter the typeahead is taking the first list item as the value of the test box.

I solved this by Editing the typeahead javascript source code, refer my code from