Mongodb how to Import / Export in Linux/Mac

For Importing a mongodb use the following command

$ mongodump --db database_name

This will dump the json/bson files into dump/db_name folder
Or specify a directory with -o option

$ mongodump --db database_name -o path_to_folder

By specifying username and password

$ mongodump --db database_name -o /path/to/folder/ --username=my_user --password="my_password"

For Exporting a mongodb use the following command

$  mongorestore --db database_name path_to_the_json_bson_files

path_to_the_json_bson_files => That we already imported and stored before.

Import one document

$ mongodump --db=db_name --collection=collection_name --out=path_to_folder_to_import
$ mongorestore --db=new_db_name --collection=collection_name path_to_folder_to_import/db_name/collection_name.bson