Rails way of creating a new full url with new parameters after removing old parameters from a url

If we have some keys and values and we just need to create a url with this data just pass the url and hash as a parameter to the following method.

def generate_url_with_params(url, params = {})
    uri = URI(url)
    uri.query = params.to_query

If you want to get rid of the parameters from a url use the following method.

  def generate_url_without_params(url, params = {})
    uri = URI(url)
    full_params = Rack::Utils.parse_query uri.query
    params.each do |key, val|
      full_params.delete key
    uri.query = full_params.to_param

Author: Abhilash

Hey! My name is Abhilash - A Ruby developer for years, specialised on web programming, working as a freelancer. Mainly working on Ruby On Rails platform since 2010. This blog is about Ruby, Ruby On Rails and other subjects that I work. You can contact me here: abhilash.amballur@gmail.com Abhilash AK

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