rake assets:precompile – database configuration does not specify adapter

Even if we are specified the database configuration for adapter in our database.yml, sometimes we are getting the error “database configuration does not specify adapter”. Usually you are doing the command for development

$ rake assets:precompile -t

And in your database.yml, configuration for development is specified. But if you are doing

$ rake assets:precompile -t RAILS_ENV=development

then you can see the error goes.
Another way is check your database.yml for production database configuration is there or not. If you adds the production database configuration then also it works! Because while doing the precompile for assets without specifying the environment then it checks all environments db configuration.

Another way is add the following in your application.rb file

config.assets.initialize_on_precompile = false

then also it works.


Author: Abhilash

I'm Abhilash, a web developer who specializes in Ruby development. With years of experience working with various frameworks like Rails, Angular, Sinatra, Laravel, NodeJS, React and more, I am passionate about building robust and scalable web applications. Since 2010, I have been honing my skills and expertise in the Ruby on Rails platform. This blog is dedicated to sharing my knowledge and experience on topics related to Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and other subjects that I have worked with throughout my career. Join me on this journey to explore the exciting world of web development!

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