Use Ruby Metrical Gem for reviewing your rails code and find the rails best practises with rails_best_practices gem

Install the metrical gem first to run metrical.

$ gem install metrical

If the output showing an error like: Gem::DependencyError, then install the gem metric_fu first, which installs all the dependencies required.

$ gem install metric_fu

Then try to install the metrical gem

I got the following error:

vnet6@ubuntu:~/projects/grouptable$ gem install metrical
ERROR:  While executing gem ... (Gem::DependencyError)
    Unable to resolve dependencies: metric_fu requires sexp_processor (~> 3.0.3); churn requires sexp_processor (~> 3.0); reek requires sexp_processor (~> 3.0); ruby2ruby requires sexp_processor (~> 3.0); ripper_ruby_parser requires sexp_processor (~> 3.0); flog requires sexp_processor (~> 3.0); ruby_parser requires sexp_processor (~> 3.0)

In my system sexp_processor version was (4.2.1)

I uninstalled the version,

$ gem uninstall sexp_processor

and installed the version 3.0.3

$ gem list sexp_processor -v '3.0.3'

and installed the metrical gem by

$ gem install metrical

run metrical gem by

$ metrical

But this is also giving me error! It has a lot of dependencies. It is asking again the sexp_processor version (4.2.1). So Installed two versions so the error gone and got another error!

So I tried the rails_best_practices to see the warnings.

$ gem install rails_best_practices
$ rails_best_practices
$ rails_best_practices -f html # to see the warnings in html

Its working fine!

Author: Abhilash

Hey! This is Abhilash - A Ruby developer for years, specialised on web development, working as a freelance Ruby Developer. I have experience in other frameworks such as Angular, Sinatra, Laravel etc. Mainly working on Ruby On Rails platform since 2010. This blog is about Ruby, Ruby On Rails and other subjects where I have had a chance to work on. You can contact me here: Abhilash AK

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